Benefits Office

The Union Contractors contribute a collectively bargained hourly amount into trust funds on behalf of every member.  These contributions are held by a Trust Fund

Administrator (W.C Earhart Co.)  They are not sent to the Union, Local, elected representatives or held by the Union Contractor.  These funds are distributed according to the rules set by a committee consisting of equal numbers of Union and Contractor Representatives.


Local 847 members should become eligible for Medical benefits after 3-4 months of employment.  To become eligible, a worker must work 240 hours in two consecutive months. Once a member has completed the minimum number of hours, the member will be eligible the month following the month when the 240th hour was worked : A member who works a minimum of 240 hours in one month will be eligible the second month following the 240th hour worked.

See example below:

Work 240 hrs in these months  

  Become eligible on this day 

January and February



April 1st

March 1st

Once they are determined to be eligible by our trust fund administrator, W.C. Earhart Co., members will receive a Medical Card in the mail from the medical insurance provider; Cigna. If a member has not received their card, they should contact W.C Earhart Co., to confirm eligibility and request a card.

To retain eligibility, workers must maintain current membership in the Union and work approx. 120 hours each month on average.  Monthly dues ($31.50 JR $30.50 A- rod and Apprentices-per month) must be paid whether a member is working or not.

Medical, prescription drug, dental and vision coverage is available to eligible dependent children of all participants at a cost of only $60.00 per month.  Coverage for your dependent children is only available during the months in which you are eligible for coverage from the fund.



Bonus Check

Members will receive a “Bonus Check” in December of each year.  The total will depend on how many hours each member worked from November of the previous year through October of the current year.

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